”Experiencing” the Theatrical Space

New York
Academic – Diploma Research Thesis Project
Anthos Venizelos - Data gathering & Analysing / Literature review / Draw conclusions / Issue editing / Presentation

The theater, as a complex artistic practice, mesmerizes the societies as an art form and cultural expression by combining harmoniously the entertainment and education, both at the beginning of its conception and its implementation. The vague borders of the realism and myth, αssociated to the embodied factors of the time and space or with the friction between production and conception, set this phenomenon timeless and topical. The theater, as an anthropocentric art with multifaceted structure, develops human and spatial interactions. This research approach the social, spatial and fictional dimension of theatrical space through the scopes of philosophy, anthropology, theatrology and architecture. The framework is formed using both, the triptych “spectator - space - spectacle” and the known theatrical frame “exposure - nection - climax - solution”. The emperical parameters analyzes the phenomenon's dynamical character combined to its spatial context. The city, the edifice and the fictional place coexist as elements into an action defining the fundamental relation between societies, architecture and theatrology. Therefore, the development of theatricality, apparates a new spatial experience either by building's structure or its transformations.

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