Collaborative Scenography
Enhancing Interaction and Participation in Stage Performances

Academic – Master Thesis Written Report
Anthos Venizelos

It has been thousands of years that stage performances have been presented. It might seems that everything has been done. However, the performing arts combined with state of the art technology are considered essential for the next generation of performative experiences. As it is widely accepted that the audience-performance dynamic is of utmost importance, this thesis aims at exploring the blending scenographic objects with audience's bodily participation. This paper consists of eight parts: The first chapter is the introduction that presents the thesis research questions and introduces the design project. The following two parts analyse the dynamic of participation and the participatory mechanisms, respectively. The fourth chapter proceeds to the interaction design with relevance to the spectators' experiences. The next one investigates the space composition in stage performances. The sixth presents experimentations which have been conducted in the design project's context. In the seventh chapter, aspects for future work and research are expressed. Conclusions are presented in the last chapter. In all above, parallel references are made to the design project, linking theory to the design concept.

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