synthesis + design
Architecture, Interaction and Experience
Anthos Venizelos M.Arch
Qualified Architect Engineer ● Interaction Designer ● Stage Designer


Creative and multifaceted architect specialized in interaction and experiential design. Having background that combines design, concepts, interdisciplinary knowledge, software skills, special technology and art. As a practitioner responds productively on architectural projects, interactive design, structural studies, urban design, renovations and stage design.

Vision & Philosophy

The continual improvement of quality of human life, through spatial experiences and arts, based on social parameters, is the intension that forms his vision and philosophy. Main principle is the parallel research and design of spaces and the people experiences, seeking the best results for architectural environments.


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Architectural & Urban Design

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Interactive Installations & Stage Design

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Architectural & Construction Plans

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Renovations & Interior Architecture

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Digital Environments (VR/AR) & 3D Visualizations

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Regulations & Building Permissions


London, United Kingdom
Larnaca, Cyprus