Anthos Venizelos   M.Arch / Qualified Architect / Interaction Designer


Creative and multifaceted architect, specialized in interaction design, with a high sense of responsibility towards the spatial practices, co-workers and clients. Equipped with dual perception, both in architectural design and construction engineering, combines the design, concepts, interdisciplinary knowledge, software skills, special technology and art aiming to respond productively on architectural projects, interactive design, structural studies, stage design, renovations, urban design and architectural competitions.

Vision & Philosophy

Main pursuit is the continual improvement of contemporary societies' quality of life, through spatial experiences, according to social parameters and sensitiveness for people life. The pivotal target, is no other than the creation of architectural contexts; either built or urban for the hospitality of human's daily actions and reactions.


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Architectural & Urban Design

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Interactive Installations & Stage Design

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Architectural & Construction Plans

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Renovations & Interior Architecture

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Digital Environments (VR/AR) & 3D Visualizations

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Regulations & Building Permissions


London, United Kingdom
Larnaca, Cyprus

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