Grounds for the Common

in Azenhas do Mar, Portugal

Europan 13 (Shortlisted entry - one out of the 6 finalists)
Architectural Competition
Costas Nicolaou
Constantinos Marcou
Anthos Venizelos

This project challenges, on the one hand, the need for the area under study to be autonomous and, on the other, the idea of protocols as a self-regulating and adaptable system for managing and creating these common, shared platforms for developing the urban. Under this line of thinking a new form of masterplan can derive, one that could create visions or imaginaries or even problematizations based upon these set of rules that are adaptable and negotiable between the city’s inhabitants. This could also create a new dialogue of what “urban development” could mean and how the urban could transform itself through time. In an architectural and territorial scale, the project proposes four main frames: the infrastructural, the natural, either artificial or planned, and the domestical. These four rooms derived from the reading of the existing physiology of the site and are proposed in order to create an archipelago of frames and common spaces.

Designed & Developed by Agnes Venizelou