Paths to the contemporary intellectuality

Public Library
London – Hyde Park
Architectural Competition
Anthos Venizelos – Architectural Concept / Design / 3D Visualisation
Koulla Pazourou – Environmental Study / Consultancy
7000 m2

The Re-Motivations renegotiates the introverted function of libraries via the investigation of a revised spatial context which correlated with the special area of the building's incorporation. The new typology promotes an extrovert building structure combined with the permeation of urban space within this. The building, either as landmark or installation into the park's area "acts" interactively with the environment and users through the limits, spaces, functions, visual angles and atmospheres.

The architectural concept via symbolisms aims to the creation of spatial areas, serving a closer relationship with modern societies. The rigid routine of daily life meets the introverted geometry of the circle through the intermediate space. Looking back to the Agora of Athens where philosophers and orators, were gathering crowds around them in a circular arrangement, the primordial shape of cycle inspired the design placing the volume of books in the center of the structure. Additionally, printed archive is organised and is encoded spatially within colour wheel.

The typology organises the library in three spatial contexts which are adjacent and unfolded in different levels but they are seperated and autonomous. As a result, the sector of Scientific Library, the Interactive Library and the City Library communicate and connected through exterior space which have been formed with urban qualities as a part of the park's wandering.

A platform through the local network support the library’s archive “demolishing” spatial boundaries and facilitating the access to published and digital material of each sector. The overall design promotes the turn people to the literature, collective education and personal research through a spatial experience, accross to the easy and uncontrolled internet, forming the new generation of book lovers.

Designed & Developed by Agnes Venizelou