Interactive Center

of Environmental Awareness, Cultural and Rural Orientation

Educational Center
Athens – Syggrou Estate
Academic – Dissertation Design Project
Anthos Venizelos
Catherine Gatou
Manolis Venieris
4400 m2
2013- 2014

The Syggrou estate is considered as one of the largest green lungs in Athens. It is located Southwest of Kifisia avenue and inside are identified buildings of historical importance. The estate is known as the base of the Institute of Agricultural Sciences which reviews constantly its educational programs to attracts continually to aspire young farmers of different ages. Considering the current state of the property and its problems this proposal aims to convert Syggrou estate to a metropolitan attractive site of forest, rural and cultural character alongside to the maintain and strengthen of its ecological importance. The area is divided into zones and redesigned according to a new masterplan. Additionally, all the educational functions of the Institute have been redefined as a part of a new building unit, an "Interactive center". The building program was formed to enchase the environmental awareness, cultural and rural activities of students and visitors. The dual management of educational purposes and the public character are balanced in the building’s structure combined with the configuration of the center with introverted and extroverted functions. In the center of composition, public and private movements bridged in horizontal and vertical axes. The natural ground pounds into the building’s "heart" on the lower level. In a combined construction, closed and open spaces alternate at all levels to connect people and optical views. The interactivity's concept in the design is detected in three axes. Between the estate - the wider area, the new building’s infrastructure - the Syggrou estate and educational functions - cultural activities.

Designed & Developed by Agnes Venizelou